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Why use XHTML?

XHTML is the defacto web standard markup language when it comes to creating websites … at least for now. It’s a development of the old HTML 4 standard which is compliant with the newer XML standard and is transitional in many ways. When you create your website using valid XHTML you create a website that is future-compatible, that is to say your website will still work correctly with future and current web browsers which deal primarily with XML.

You will also realize several additional benefits by using the XHTML standard:

  • Your pages will be semantically correct, all your markup will be well-structured, and you’ll be able to sleep easy at night knowing that the Googlebot can efficiently parse and index all your pages.
  • Your websites will work great in the future – even when Microsoft releases its next version of Internet Explorer.
  • You will not look “old-school” because you are still using HTML 4.
  • You can extend the language to accommodate your specific needs.

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