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Why Use Style Sheets?

Several years ago a major push was made to begin separating the presentational aspects of a website from the structural aspects of it through the use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). By working towards this separation a website designer can make her job easier in many ways.

Don’t Use the Font Tag

A clear sign of an amateur web designer is their use of the font tag. This tag was deprecated in HTML 4.01 which means it should no longer be used. Not only does it clutter up your documents, but it makes the look and feel of your website more difficult to change.

Internet Media Type – Specify Character Encoding

When creating an XHTML document you will need to specify the character encoding Internet Media Type, or Content-Type of the document. The W3C recommends that XHTML documents be sent as type text/html or application/xhtml+xml. This should be set by the webserver. If you cannot change the web server settings however, you can also specify this [...]

ID vs Class

One common question when working with XHTML and CSS is whether to use the id or class attribute on an element. There are several rules that you should consider when using either attribute.

Why use XHTML?

XHTML is the defacto web standard markup language when it comes to creating websites … at least for now. It’s a development of the old HTML 4 standard which is compliant with the newer XML standard and is transitional in many ways. When you create your website using valid XHTML you create a website that [...]

XHTML Black Magic: W3C DTD

If you wish to become an XHTML wizard you must first master the art of the Document Type Definition (DTD). This simple line of code is almost always forgotten and hardly understood by HTML beginners. A DTD does exactly what it says: define a type of document. Basically it’s a link to a definition file [...]

What is a DOCTYPE?

This is…. <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN” “”> Ok so what? What’s it all for? Well if you want to know the technical reasoning, see the link at the end… if you want to save yourself hours of stress and headaches when building webpages, then ….